Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Feature!

I remember well the first quilt I made. I was home sick for a number of days in a row and naturally, driving my mother crazy. So she sat me down with a 6 inch square template and fabric scraps, had me trace onto the pastel calico fabrics, and then cut them out with scissors. Boy am I glad that rotary cutters and rulers have come around!

The quilt? It ended up being crib sized and took me years to actually complete. But with any luck my own daughter will love it someday.

Welcome to Lily Loves... This week Lily shows off the cat quilts she'd give her right paw to cuddle up with! I've included 2 links this week, the first to the actual quilt information and the second to the artist's Etsy shop. Be sure to stop by their Etsy shops and show them some love!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Looking Forward~

Saturday will be my first craft show of the year. Not technically a craft show really, but an indoor farmer's market in downtown Grand Ledge. The entry fee is minimal, so even if I don't make a lot of sales, it will be good for handing out business cards. Can't wait to get those button bracelets and guitar pick earrings displayed! Wish me luck!


Free Goodies!

One giveaway has ended with one lucky gal winning the Emerald City Button Bracelet from my shop. Thanks again to Blueroo for giving me the feature and helping with this giveaway! If you didn't win, be sure to enter on this great giveaway at Mommy's Memorandum. Hurry though, giveaway ends tomorrow!


Tweet me this:

I caved. I joined twitter. I never saw myself as a tweeter, but the time has come! I can see how using twitter can help with shop promotion, so I signed up! Follow me and I'll follow you!


Sneak Peek!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Lily Loves... This week Lily's gone cozy and her shops of choice all have fantastic feline quilts in a wide array of colors that you're not going to want to miss!


Need a Good Laugh?

Enjoy these captioned cats, sure to cause you to crack a smile!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Darling DANDE Designs!

In my office the current joke is not to drink the water... we have so many women that have just had babies and more that are expecting!

But I know where I could get a great baby gift: from DarlingDANDEdesigns! This mother of 2 uses her sewing machine to embroider adorable bloomers and more for any toddler!

Like this adorable Lady Bug Tutu:
"Our TuTus are great for any little girl that loves to wear pretty things. It can be worn for tea parties, birth parties, play time, and much much more! These TuTus are short TuTus which are great to wear with show bloomers (coming soon)."

Or these great customizable bloomers! Choose your color, font, and name (obviously) to create an individual piece of clothing for that niece or nephew.
"They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton and are machine washable. Each set of bows are snapped on so you can where the Bloomers with or without Bows. Snaps make it easy to change bows for different occasions."

Doesn't this blankie look so super soft?!? All of my friends' kids drag their blankies around with them everywhere, and if I had one like this I probably would too!
"You don’t want to miss the incredibly popular AllyZabba Camo blanket. A trendy camouflage printed on the silky side compliments the fuzzy rosebud patterned plush backing. The AllyZabba Blanket is made of raised plush fabric and silky satin backing and is machine washable. It’s incredibly soft and cozy."
Want a little treat for yourself? Check out Darling's adorable change purses! With a snap closure and a zippered pocket it's perfect for throwing into a diaper bag or shoulder bag for a quick trip you don't want to carry a bulky purse on!

In addition to DarlingDANDE's etsy shop (, you can find these great kids' items on her personal website, Read more about the business on her blog too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday's Top 10!

Tuesday's Top 10!
Good Morning!
For so many the butterfly is very symbolic, representing transformation or change, love and joy. Many people get butterfly tattoos after a major change in life, often after recreating themselves and recovering from something negative in their lives. The transformation that takes place before a butterfly emerges from its cacoon is so spiritual!
Enter Tuesday's Top 10... These butterfly stained glass ornaments are beautiful and I encourage you to check out the great shops that these came from. All of these Etsy artists have a shop full of great stained glass for your home or to give as a gift!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another year older, not sure about wiser!

What a great weekend!

Thank you to everyone that sent me kind birthday wishes! Yesterday I turned 27 and it was a great day! My boyfriend got me a beautiful necklace and ring with my birthstone, aquamarine. Can't wait to get the ring sized to wear everyday! Went out to dinner at Red Lobster and had tasty popcorn shrimp, YUM! Then off to the bowling alley with a dozen of our friends. And this morning, back to work... BLURGH!

Got to spend time with some good girlfriends on Saturday too, painting pottery of course! This time I started a flower pot and traced a butterfly on it. The butterfly will be done in pinks and the background is a light blue. Can't wait to see the end result! Eventually I'd like to have a set of pots with butterflies in different colors. I have about 9 plants between my office and home!

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Speaking of butterflies...

Tomorrow's Top 10 will feature 10 different Etsy artists and their gorgeous stained glass pieces with BUTTERFLIES! I love the colors that come with butterfly art and I can't wait to show you the beautiful craftsmanship that I stumbled upon on Etsy. Hope you stop in and comment!

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Tomorrow ends the Button Bracelet giveaway on Blueroo's Blog! Be sure to stop in and get as many entries as possible for your chance to win!