Thursday, September 2, 2010

Focus Feature and Giveaway: Wearable Art By Pixie

This week I'm pleased to show you a newer shop, open since only July of this year! At , you'll find the most original glass tile pendants ever: these pendants are made using the original artwork of the shop owner!! The prize? Any pendant of the winner's choosing! That's my kind of prize... (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY, SHIPPING WILL NOT BE PROVIDED OUT OF THE COUNTRY. THANKS!!)

Here’s what Debra had to say:

What’s your favorite item from your shop and what makes it your favorite?

Asking what is your favorite piece of jewelry is like asking which of your children do you favor. I like them all for different reasons. Each piece is taken directly from a print of one of my original paintings. Each painting has a focal point or two. I’ve taken that focal point and created a Wearable Art pendant or earring. I’m really excited by how well they have been received. The first time I showed them I almost sold out.

I wear, Paisley Damask, Blue Butterfly, Tweet Orange, and Eccentric Ovals the most.

How did you get into your line of crafting?

I’ve been an artist all of my life, but my jewelry line Wearable Art by Pixie really got started as a new way to use my art. I had been wanting to learn jewelry making for some time. It all just came together perfectly.

A lot of people ask why “Wearable Art by Pixie?” My nickname as a child was Pixie and the name Wearable Art was all over the place so I added my favorite name.

Do you belong to any groups on Etsy?

I belong to Christian Artists Promoting Shops or capsteam and Christian Artists Street Team or castteam. I would really recommend joining some teams. It’s a great way to network and make crafting buddies. People on Etsy have valuable information to be gleaned and shared.

If you had one super power what would it be?

To heal people. I’ve seen so much suffering as a Registered Nurse and if we all had physical, emotional and spiritual health life would be so wonderful for us all.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate. My friends and family know if I want something sweet only chocolate will do. I think it has to do with the rush of endorphins.

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

A dolphin. I had the opportunity to swim with them in Hawaii and it was one of the highlights of my life. They are so smart and loving, and sooo cute!

Do you have a personal favorite Etsy shop that you would like to share with readers?

Not one but many. Visit my shop and you can see how much I love the artists on Etsy. I’ll name a few, GraeDawn, CleverCrafter, and all the people from capsteam and castteam!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you?

My family, a knife and seedlings among would have to be fruit, coco beans and sugar cane. Is that more than three items?

From my own personal crafting I’ve been through frustrating moments with new projects. What have you learned from your own crafting frustrations?

I’ve learned that nothing turns out exactly the way you think it will. I’ve learned that most “mistakes” are really happy moments. I’ve learned that patience in the process of learning a new craft always brings me to my happy place and produces a beautiful piece.

What advice would you give to new Etsy sellers?

List something every day, it keeps you near the front of the category you belong in such as art / watercolor. Heart loads of people, they will usually heart you back. Join some teams to get to know other crafters and help promote each other.

Blog, twitter, facebook links:!/pages/Wearable-Art-by-Pixie/117260118322045?ref=sgm

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Anyone can post and accumulate up to 15 entries for the giveaway! Please be sure to include your email address so that you can be contacted if you win, and don’t forget to post each entry as a separate comment!

There is only one MANDATORY ENTRY, necessary to collect your email address for contact if you win:

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The giveaway will end on Wednesday, September 8th at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Winner will be contacted Thursday morning and prize details will be arranged with Debra. Thanks for your interest and entries!


  1. My favorite is the Eccentric Ovals. They're all really nice and I like how they're a little bigger than what you usually find. :-)
    hotpepper71 at bell south dot net

  2. Lately my guilty pleasure is syrup flavored coffee. I've got some syrup that's brown sugar flavored and it's soooooo good.

  3. google friend follower (Snowflake07)

  4. tweeted:

  5. Lovely pieces!

  6. I love the cardinal, so pretty! Cardinals were my grandpa's favorite bird, so they always remind me of him!

  7. Yay, CAPS team member! Thanks so much for hosting! I love the ribbon cords on her pendants.

    They are all beautiful prints, but this one sticks out to me today:

  8. All of your pieces are beautiful.... :-)
    I do have a couple of favorites and they are:

    Plumeria - because I love the colors that you used together and the piece itself looks so refreshing with the beauty of the simple white flower with the combination of the golden yellow center and the purple within the flower and background along with the small splashes of the golden yellow and green accented by the beautiful green ribbon... It reminds me of a Hawaiian flower...I just love it!!!!

    Sunflower Fields - I love this piece because I have always loved sunflowers. I have sunflowers throughout my house...I feel they are very inviting to people and make you feel good inside. When people see a sunflower it is like seeing a bit of sunshine....I feel this piece with the colors of the sunflower mixed with the beautiful blue in the sky and ribbon along with the green chosen definitely gives that welcome sunshine everything is good, happy feeling...Very pretty!!!!

    Thank you Debra for bringing such beauty into our lives with your beautiful art work....<3

  9. Thank you orphanca! The Plumeria was painted from a photo I took on Oahu Island looking out on Waikiki Beach. Ahhhh you just gotta love Hawaii. Can you smell the beach?

  10. I have 2 favorites in Debra's shop.

    I love them.


  11. Guilty pleasure would be chocolate and ice cream.


  12. Following Debra's blog.


  13. TWEETED!

    milagros1130 GREAT GIVEAWAY


  14. Finally following your blog!


  15. Just send it to me I like them all!


  16. Eccentric Ovals has to be one of my favorites; I already am thinking of outfits to go with it!!

  17. I can't wait to see who wins! Thank you for all your wonderful comments! Good luck.

  18. I'm having a tough time getting here, but I finally figured it out. I guess I'm just slow:) I do love your pendants Dbra, they are truly beautiful.