Thursday, May 6, 2010

Focus Feature and Giveaway

Last week’s Focus Feature and Giveaway winner was chosen using a random number generator and was lucky number 7! Congratulations to… OMG, this is too funny… the winner of Unique Kreations giveaway is PLEASUREARTS, and she just happens to be hosting this week’s giveaway!!! That said:

Happy Thursday and welcome to my second Focus Feature and Giveaway, hosted by Dee from pleasurearts,! I met this Etsy artist in the forums on her buy and stay thread and fell in love with all of her earrings! Dee donates half of all her sales to charity and uses the other half for more supplies, so of course I was excited to support this shop! Here’s one of the pairs of earrings I bought. I get so many compliments when I wear them!

As with all of my blog posts, I wanted to keep the feature fun, so you’ll notice that a few of the questions are a little off the wall and give you a glimpse into the artist’s inner thoughts and creativity :)

The prize? 2 pairs of earrings!

Here’s what Dee had to say:

What’s your favorite item from your shop and what makes it your favorite?

It is hard to choose as I like all of them. I have got so many varieties I enjoy making. I do love flowers so I can say most of my flowers earrings are my favorites but I love the color and the style of the earrings I use as my avatar a lot!

How did you get into your line of crafting?
Only by chance, I was browsing in a bookstore and saw a book on how to make jewelry. Took one look and was instantly hooked. I love learning new things so I thought, why not? I can make some of those! Once I start, I cannot stop. I enjoy making them so much. I decide to turn this newfound passion into something useful by selling my jewelry and giving the profits to charities.

Do you belong to any groups on Etsy?

I am a member of EFC team (Etsy for Charities).Etsy for Charity (EFC) is a group of artists all fueled by the passion of helping the community with their crafts. Check out EFC Team Blog at You can register at to be a member of EFC Team.

If you had one super power what would it be?

Just one? Wish I could have more, as I would love to be able to disappear at will and travel to places without having to be on the planes or have the ability to make fabulous food appear out of thin air at mealtime! Well the list can go on…

Ok, seriously, if I have to choose just one super power, I guess I would like to be able to control people’s mind and instill peace and love in it so we can stop the roots of all evil and stop all the atrocities going on in this world.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Too many to count! You probably will need a separate blog for it.I love Lychee martinis so I always enjoy an evening out with friends and have a cocktail or two before dinner. I know far too many places that make wicked Lychee martinis! Guilty but pleasure, definitely!

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
I would love to be a pampered pooch! Imagine having someone loving you, cuddling you, pampering you and catering to your every little whim you demand (yap)!
They bathe you, feed you, buy toys for you, buy beautiful clothes for you, give you a lovely dog house with luxurious bed, take you to the grooming salon, adorn you with a diamond collar…..oh the possibilities are endless. I definitely aspire to be a pampered pooch!
(Do not let my hubby see this; he probably says ‘what are you talking about? Haven’t I done all those for you already?’ lol, do not take me seriously here, I like to joke!)

Do you have a personal favorite Etsy shop that you would like to share with readers?

I have loads of them! Etsy is full of wonderful talented people. It is so hard to single anyone out in particular. I am bias, though; as I have so many wonderful friends whom I met in the forum. They are my personal favorite shops! They are all the great shops on my list, please check them out here, you will be spoiled for choices:
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you?
What! I have to be on a deserted island, how can I survive without all my gadgets, internet connection, mobile phone signals, etc….??

3 things? I think I will cheat. I will take my hubby, my daughter and my dog “Chubby”! They are my three best companions I cannot do without them!
From my own personal crafting I’ve been through frustrating moments with new projects. What have you learned from your own crafting frustrations?

Not quite frustrated with the new project but I get frustrated if in the middle of crafting something, I get interrupted. I like to finish my pieces in a calm and happy environment with no interruption. I learned earlier on when I started making jewelry that I will craft when nobody is around at home.
What advice would you give to new Etsy sellers?
When we start something, we are always full of hope and enthusiasm. We feel positive and excited. Remember those feeling and hold on to them because you will have to be strong and keep at it at Etsy. You need to put a lot of time, effort and patience into it. It is so easy to get discouraged at time but patience and the ability to stay positive will help a lot!
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The giveaway will end on Wednesday, May 12 at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Winner will be contacted Thursday morning when the next giveaway is posted and prize details will be arranged with pleasurearts.


  1. What lovely creations! The floral earrings are especially lovely! I will be entering to win..a lot!

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    You even have a picture posted here. I love almost anything with leaves on it! The colors are great!

    I am pretty sure I already follow pleasurearts on twitter. :-)

    I can go add your giveaway to my blog though for today :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

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    I do have to say that i have two pairs of pleasureart earring already, and they are beautiful.

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    I love that part of all sales go to charity!
    I really enjoyed learning a bit more about this lovely person and her shop!

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