Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday.....

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning to fresh snow... and not the good kind! Driving to work was a little crazy, but I managed to make it safe. The bad part? Nothing was plowed and my boots were in my office. Dress shoes + 5 inches of snow = cold feet!

Today I want to show you up close some of the Button Bracelets that qualify for the sale I'm running in my shop. Everything green is 20% off through March 17! Get your green before it's gone!

Grinchy Green is one of my favorites right now. Can you guess how it got its name?? Perfect match I would say!

I've been having so much fun with these solid color bracelets because I have found so many fun shapes and textures to use in them to make them unique.

This bracelet is also going to be replicated for a giveaway on a fellow Etsy artist's blog soon. Check back for details!

Emerald Isle is such a vibrant shade of emerald green. I have used the color with other colors for some pieces, like Mardi Gras Magic II, but I just thought that this color needed to be solitary too!

Green Apple is a thicker version of the button bracelets. The number of buttons on the chain is the same, but the larger sizes fills this bracelet out and really catches the eye.

I've used the shades of light green again that really compliment each other well, and the buttons are all different sizes.

Check out the rest of my Etsy shop for more great green items that are all on sale for St. Patty's Day! Nobody likes to be pinched for not wearing green, so be sure to order yours today!


  1. That emerald green bracelet caught my eye! I love buttons!!!

  2. The emerald isle bracelet is my fave too!

    Hope your feet get warm!

    Good luck with the sale!