Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Omnipresents

This week's featured Etsy artist has found a way to combine 2 things that she is very passionate about: jewelry making and her interest in new age healing and crystals! Have a specific sort of healing you could use? I bet you could contact this BESTeam member to find an answer!

Blue is my ultimate favorite color. I love the deep blue in this piece!

Even if you don't know what healing properties each stone may be associated with, isn't this necklace great for fall?? It reminds me of the many colors you can see in the trees.

How about this Jasper bracelet? "Jasper has healing properties as well. It is known for helping to provide awareness, protection, and insight. Great for healing." Who couldn't use a little protection and insight in this crazy world?
Be sure to swing by the artist's blog as well, You'll be able to find new Etsy artists through this blog full of features!


  1. Wonderful coloring and textures and it looks to be a powerful art piece.

  2. That butterfly necklace IS perfect for the fall!

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