Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh So Blue...

It's a blue, blue Monday... but a great blue!!!

We're talking blue the color, as in Blue and White Jewelry Wear! This week introduces you to my fellow BESTeam Etsian, BlueWhiteJewelryWear! This New York born gal has been living in Thailand and fallen in love with the blue and white beads as well as some of the other colors of the oriental. Her work shows off these great oriental beads so well!

I absolutely love this necklace with the stars, it just looks so delicate and fun!

I would never have thought to mix pearls with these glass beads, but the look is so clean and femanine!

Looking for more color than just blue and white? No problem! Here's a great piece that brings in other colors and sticks with the oriental theme.

If necklaces and bracelets aren't your thing, you'll still find great earrings to wear with the blue and white beads from the orient!

Be sure to stop by Blue and White Jewelry Wear on Etsy to see what you can't live without! You can also check out to follow this artist!


  1. Pretty items! I love the earrings!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love those cube earrings! Nice post.

  3. Very nice feature. With so many members it's fun to see new shops highlighted.

  4. THANK YOU for featuring my shop and such a great post!!